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Media Day



Experience the photoshoot

Com-It Photography brings the lights, backdrop and the music to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for the players and the parents. We check-in each player and take their photo orders. All payments are made the day of the photoshoot. Unlike other photography companies where you can view a gallery and choose your photos, we take the time to give you the final product. This includes, color corrections and vanishing any unwanted skin blemishes. 

During the photoshoot we will take individual photos of each player so we have the best possible photo of every kid and then we create an awesome team poster that gets delivered digitally for everyone to download. 

We will offer extra photos for families that want an extra keepsake! From single photos to series with buddies and your very own poster that gets autographed by YOU!

Team Posters

Everybody gets access to download their team poster. Each poster can be printed up to a full size poster. If you are making a banner larger than the typical poster, we will customize the size so you have a crystal clear print!

Extra Photos

Every parent will have the opportunity to purchase additional photos of just their kid. We have a variety of options for you to choose from. These are completely optional!

Portraits and Portrait Series

Professional photos for you to have! Lighting is everything and we have the best the industry offers! Strike a pose or three and capture this season's memory in beautiful, crisp quality!

SSS Girl.png

Buddy Pic and Buddy Series

Taking professional photos with a friend or two can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only can it help to create lasting memories, but it can also result in high-quality photos that can be used for personal or social platforms.

MKE Buddy.png

Player Posters

Custom player posters are available for you! You will receive up to 3 options to choose from before your photoshoot. Show off your personality and autograph the poster to make it authentic! 

I AM Poster.png

Coaching Staff Headshots

Coach 27.jpg
Coach copy 9.jpg

Everything Delivered Digitally.

Share with anyone

Sharing digital photos with family and friends is one of the greatest benefits of digital photography. Unlike physical photos that are often limited in their distribution, digital photos can be easily shared with loved ones across the world through various means such as email, social media, or messaging apps.

Redownload Anytime

Having the ability to download and redownload digital photos is incredibly beneficial, as it allows for easy access to treasured memories and moments captured through photography. Unlike physical photos, digital photos can be stored on multiple devices and backed up to the cloud, ensuring they are not lost or damaged over time.

Player Poster Mock.png

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